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Cogeneration Dob

Cogeneration Dob
Institute for imprisonment Dob pri Mirni is heated via a central biomass boiler which is operated by Energetics Šentrupert. For the purpose of extending the district heating and to operate outside the heating season (domestic hot water) a cogeneration (combined heat and power – CHP) was built using wood chips as energy source.

The applied technology is gasification of wood chips and utilization of gas in a combustion engine which drives a generator of electricity.

Images: NOM BIRO

Architecture office

Architectural design, consulting and supervision Jože Cugelj


  • main water supply connection
  • indoor sanitary installation
  • 5 cogeneration plants with gasification of biomass (electrical power 5×45 kWel and thermal power 5×120 kWth)

Specialty of the project

  • Gasification of biomass

Year of the project


Project status

completed in 2014