Reference projects

Commercial-manufacturing facility “Povše metal”, Šentrupert

In the production hall “Povše metal”, they create superior customized solutions from metal, with use of cutting-edge technology on a global scale. They offer laser cut-out, punching, bending, deburring, grinding and robotic bending of metal. The hall is divided into manufacturing and administrative part and a private dining room for employees.
photo: NOMBIRO

Architecture office



  • main water supply connection
  • indoor sanitary installation
  • air/water heat pump
  • floor heating of administrative premises and production halls
  • utilization of waste heat from the laser machines
  • cooling of administrative premises through ceiling fan coils
  • ventilation and air conditioning
  • razvod komprimiranega zraka za potrebe obdelovalnih strojev v hali

Specialty of the project

  • use of renewable energy source
  • utilization of waste heat from the production line

Year of the project


Project status

completed: 2014