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Dominican Monastery Ptuj – Event Center

Dominican Monastery Ptuj – Event Center
The main event hall is placed in the 800-year-old church nave. A smaller hall is situated in the former monastery dining room and another smaller hall is situated in the former commercial premises. All the halls are connected with the cloister. The cloister serves as the entrance hall and the main meeting point for all the trails around the property. The building is equipped with all technical features that a congress cultural center needs. The building is also equipped with meeting rooms, offices, restaurant, toilets and utility rooms.
Photo: Miran Kambič

Architecture office



  • main water supply connection
  • indoor sanitary installation
  • floor heating/cooling
  • reversible multi-stage water/water heat pump
  • warm air heating and air cooling through air conditioning unit

Specialty of the project

  • use of renewable energy source – groundwater;
  • as the monastery is protected as a cultural monument and the desire was to minimize the interference with the structure of the building, it’s designing was very challenging (requirement’s by the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia)

Year of the project


Project status

completed in 2013