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Kindergarten Šentrupert

Kindergarten Šentrupert
In the municipality of Šentrupert stands a low-energy kindergarten with four class units. It’s the first entirely wooden kindergarten in Slovenia. The kindergarten is situated in close proximity to nature, with rugged relief, and it also offers a good view through the windows of children playrooms. As a low-energy and low-carbon building the kindergarten also received the award for an energy efficient project of the year chosen by the readers of newspaper Finance at the Energy days 2011.
Images: NOM BIRO

Architecture office



  • main water supply connection
  • indoor sanitary installation
  • floor heating
  • cooling of administrative premises with a “split” air conditioners
  • ventilation and air conditioning
  • boiler room on wood chips for heat supply of the kindergarten and the neighbouring school
  • district heating

Specialty of the project

  • the first entirely wooden kindergarten in Slovenia
  • use of renewable energy source – wood chips

Year of the project


Project status

completed in 2010